How To Get The Most Out Of Invisalign Treatment

Whether you are a new patient considering Invisalign treatment or are a current patient looking to upgrade their experience and results, you are probably wondering how to get the most out of Invisalign treatment. Look no further because our team at Buttram Orthodontics in Panama City has put together this list of tips to help you make your dream smile a reality with Invisalign.

Tip 1: Wear the trays.

As the leading brand of in-office clear aligners, Invisalign straightens alignments using top-of-the-line technology. Still, there is a feature that their designers have not been able to develop yet—the ability to align your teeth without wearing the trays.

You need to wear the removable aligners for twenty-two hours a day, and because they can’t work from a distance, neglecting to or forgetting to wear the clear aligners can prolong your treatment! It takes as little as one day to see noticeable regression, and the more days you miss, the more likely your trays will not fit when you try to wear them again!

The only time you should remove your trays is for eating and drinking anything other than water, performing oral hygiene, and cleaning your clear aligners. 

Tip 2: Stay on schedule.

Invisalign treatment is conducted with a series of trays, each worn for one to two weeks before advancing to the next. After seeing your predicted final look on our digital scanner, you might feel enticed to speed the process up to get your new smile sooner rather than later. You might advance to the next one in the set early or skip a tray entirely in hopes of fast-forwarding your treatment. While we are just as excited as you are, we strongly discourage changing your treatment program without first consulting Dr. Buttram.

Switching to the next tray too early or skipping over a tray can cause unnecessary pain and alter your teeth’s progression path. You can also damage a tray by trying to force on one that does not fit. In every scenario, you risk negatively impacting your final treatment outcome, and we will likely have to extend your overall treatment time. Following Dr. Buttram’s schedule is the safest, most effective way to finish your orthodontic journey quickly.

Tip 3: Maintain your oral health.

Before Dr. Buttram begins your orthodontic treatment, he will assess the overall health of your mouth. If necessary, he will postpone treatment and refer you to a dentist or specialist to resolve any issues. Your teeth must be in good condition to start orthodontic care because pre-existing oral health issues could worsen during treatment. Problems that cause pain can also decrease the likelihood that you’ll wear your trays, which takes us back to Tip 1—you need to wear your trays to get results! 

The following are three ways to preserve your oral health:

  • Good Oral Hygiene. — Brushing and flossing are essential to ensure a safe, quick, and pleasant orthodontic experience. Harmful bacteria and plaque on your teeth and gums can cause tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and other complications that can risk your teeth’s health and cosmetic appearance. 
  • Clean Your Clear Aligners. — Your Invisalign trays can have the same bacteria and plaque as your teeth and gums! If you clean your mouth but not your aligners, you risk developing oral health issues. Fortunately, cleaning your clear aligners takes only a few minutes a day. Carefully follow the cleaning instructions provided by Buttram Orthodontics to preserve your health and the low-profile aesthetic of your trays.
  • Go To The Dentist! — Though you will see Dr. Buttram and his team regularly, you should still visit your dentist. At dental checkups, a dental hygienist will clean, x-ray, and photograph your mouth. After, your dentist will examine your mouth for causes of concern. They will work with you and Buttram Orthodontics to set up a treatment plan if necessary. Attending your dental checkups as often as your dentist recommends is crucial to preventing and treating oral health problems before they can cause permanent damage to your smile.

Tip 4: Protect your Invisalign trays.

The slim and transparent design of Invisalign trays helps them be comfortable for you and almost invisible to onlookers. Unfortunately, those same features can also make them easy to lose and break, so you should always put clear aligners in their protective case when not in use! Due to their size and color, Invisalign cases are much easier to keep up with than loose trays. They also shield against germs and physical danger. Though our Panama City office is always happy to make replacement trays, we strongly suggest you take good care of your clear aligners for the best results and experience. 

Take Olivia, for example. She put her clear aligners on a white napkin while eating at her favorite restaurant. A few hours later, Olivia went to remove her aligners for an afternoon snack—only to realize that she had left them at the restaurant, likely to be thrown away by the waitstaff. If Olivia had put her aligners in their case, she would have been far less likely to leave them behind. 

Tip 5: Always have extras.

When you advance to the next tray in the series, throwing away the previous trays can be tempting, but you shouldn’t! Your prior trays are still helpful. Remember when we said it takes as little as one day for a noticeable shift in teeth position without your aligners? It can take a few days for your replacement trays to be ready, which gives your teeth plenty of time to move around! Wearing your previous aligner(s) can stop that from happening and keep your treatment plan on track. 

How To Get The Most Out Of Invisalign Treatment

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