What Treatment Options Are Used During Two-Phase Treatment?

Buttram Orthodontics is here for your child’s early orthodontic needs! From bite issues to prematurely losing baby teeth, our team knows the discomfort that comes with untreated issues at a young age. Don’t worry! Our orthodontist, Dr. Buttram, is an expert in spotting potential issues early on and can help your child successfully achieve their dental goals! We are here to share what treatment options are used during two-phase treatment and how they can help your child in the long term.

Signs Your Child May Need Early Care

If you notice your child having issues with any of the following common dilemmas that come with early development, they can benefit from two-phase treatment to save them further issues down the road.

  • Prematurely losing baby teeth
  • Over-crowded teeth
  • Issues with biting and chewing
  • Protruding teeth

How Two-Phase Treatment Can Help

This early treatment option is perfect for children who need to take the first step in correcting their dental health. It allows for developing problems to be solved and straightening as a teenager to go smoother. Early intervention can go a long way in enhancing quality of life and making everyday actions such as chewing and speaking less painful.

What Does Phase One Accomplish?

First Steps

Typically starting at age seven, the first phase’s goal is for permanent teeth to grow in as ideally as possible. Dr. Buttram will begin by examining what areas of your child’s teeth can benefit from early preventative treatment. This may include improving jaw alignment and respacing teeth to avoid crowding in the future.

Treatment We Offer

Buttram Orthodontics is able to treat many early issues and prevent them from becoming more complex. These treatments can take between nine to 12 months to complete their goals before the first phase is complete.

Partial Braces

Unlike the traditional braces in Phase Two, partial braces work on a small section of teeth that are overcrowded to move them back into place. Once aligned and the baby teeth fall out in the correct position, this allows for the permanent teeth to grow in correctly instead of being crowded once more. The braces will apply pressure to slowly move the teeth over a long period of time.

Palate Expanders 

Children’s jaws are still malleable and able to be shifted in the correct position when they are young. Typically used in the case of overcrowding, palate expanders work to gradually widen the upper jaw into the correct alignment. 

The expander is made of two metal pieces with a special key to slowly move the jaw apart into place. It is positioned on the top back set of teeth where the soft palatal bones are. Dr. Buttram will be able to show you how this works so you and your child have full confidence going into the treatment. 

Space Maintainers

Sometimes, baby teeth fall out too early, allowing the nearby teeth a chance to crowd into the vacant area. As the name suggests, a space maintainer is able to prevent this from happening by maintaining the empty space! This custom-made appliance is placed on the next tooth over with a metal extension, preventing anything from moving in. 

Observation Period

After Phase One is completed and the best possible spacing and jaw alignment are obtained, the waiting period begins. Your child’s permanent teeth need time to naturally grow in place, so no further appliances are put on during this time. However, your child will be asked to come in to see Dr. Buttram twice a year until then to monitor their progress through x-rays and physical examinations. 

To make sure the work they underwent during Phase One is not undone, Buttram Orthodontics may provide a retainer to keep things in place and allow for a great foundation to begin Phase Two.

What Treatment Options Are Used During Two-Phase Treatment?

What Does Phase Two Accomplish?

Next Steps

As Phase Two begins, so does the most popular orthodontic treatment: braces! Unlike partial braces, phase two treatment works with both the upper and lower teeth at the same time to establish the best alignment for their teeth and provide the smile your child deserves. Because of all the previous work done in Phase One, you will be glad to know this phase will prove to be much easier for your child!

Treatments We Offer

Clear braces are tooth-colored braces that offer a less visible option than metal braces while doing the same work. A popular option for adults and teens looking to straighten their teeth more discreetly, they blend in and allow for controlled tooth movement. They are even made of a stain-free ceramic material, so don’t worry about them changing color from food and drinks.

Metal braces are a traditional yet always reliable choice. Known for how effective they are, this comfortable choice is able to fix practically any oral issue. Made of durable and long-lasting materials, you will start to see changes sooner than you think!

A modern approach to straightening teeth, Invisalign for Teens is a great alternative for those looking to improve their smile without some of the restrictions of braces. It is a removable appliance taken out between meals and kept on for an average of 22 hours per day to ensure effective treatment. 

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment Is Important to Consider

When kids’ jaws and teeth are still in the development phase, their bones possess the unique flexibility that allows them to shift over time while work is being done. They possess greater change without any kind of invasive procedure. This window of time is crucial and can really change your child’s life. Working towards perfectly aligned teeth holds a number of overall health benefits besides the aesthetics of a great smile, including smooth digestion and a lower risk of gum disease.

What Treatment Options Are Used During Two-Phase Treatment?

Setting Up Smiles For Life!

Early diagnosis can do wonders for a child’s life and end ails they may never have connected to issues with their teeth. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care and ensuring all of our patients enjoy the experience of straightening their smiles. If you suspect your child is dealing with any dental issues, please come into Buttram Orthodontic’s Panama City practice to schedule your free consultation!