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Invisalign was ranked #1 Best Overall Invisible Braces in 2024! Here’s why.

While metal braces are still a highly-effective treatment option, patients now have the option of invisible braces to better suit their lifestyles.

If you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment but need a more modern, flexible alternative to braces, this one’s for you!

Top-Rated Invisible Braces

Over the years, several brands of ‘invisible braces’ have saturated the market. Invisalign® was the first brand to enter the scene in 1998 and has maintained its position as the industry-leading clear aligner.

In fact, Invisalign was found to be the #1 best invisible braces in 2024, according to U.S. News! Let’s find out why Invisalign is an ideal treatment option, from your highly-experienced family orthodontist in Panama City

Is Invisalign worth it?

When looking into treatment options, you may find yourself wondering, “is invisalign worth it?” After all, if you grew up in a time when braces were the only treatment option, you may not know enough about the effectiveness of Invisalign.

The short answer is: Yes, Invisalign is worth it if you’re ready to live your most confident life! Invisalign was rated “Best Overall Invisible Braces” by U.S. News, due to the comfort of Invisalign aligners, the predictability and personalization of treatment, and its ability to correct more complex cases.

Let’s dive into the exclusive advantages of choosing Invisalign in Panama City.

1. Removability

Invisalign offers flexibility in your lifestyle. While Invisalign needs to be worn around 20-22 hours of the day to ensure the most effective and efficient treatment, you can take your clear aligners out to eat, brush your teeth, floss, and attend important events!

If you have an upcoming event that you’d rather not wear orthodontic treatment during, you can temporarily store your aligners in your Invisalign case and track that time in the MyInvisalign App to ensure that you still get your full day of wear in.

2. Fewer visits

With Invisalign, you’ll have orthodontist visits every 8 to 12 weeks, as opposed to 4 to 6 weeks with traditional braces. After two weeks (or as long as instructed by Dr. Buttram), you’ll switch out your current clear aligners for your next, new set. Each set is custom-designed to guide your teeth one step closer to the beautiful end result.

Because we don’t have to tighten/adjust any pieces with Invisalign, your appointments will be more spread out than they would with traditional braces.

3. Can handle more complex cases

Invisalign has been around for quite a while, which means this technology has had decades of refining and redesigning to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. With Invisalign technology, Dr. Buttram can correct a wide range of orthodontic issues, from minor to complex.

As reported by U.S. News, Invisalign is more equipped to handle complex cases than other brands of aligners! With Invisalign at Buttram Orthodontics, you’re in the best hands.

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