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Invisalign® for Adults

It’s never too late to begin orthodontic treatment! Dr. Buttram is your highly-experienced Platinum Invisalign Provider in Panama City.

Why Invisalign for adults?

Invisalign is ideal for people who are ready to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted, but prefer a more modern alternative to traditional braces. 


Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible and undetectable when they’re in place. You can continue living life on your terms (smiling, working, socializing and dancing) without your orthodontic treatment getting in the way.


Invisalign aligners are specially designed for comfort. Made of SmartTrack® material engineered exclusively for Invisalign, Invisalign makes it easy for you to remove your aligners and place them back in as needed.


Your aligners will be custom-designed to fit your smile perfectly, so you shouldn’t experience irritation around your gums.


All of your favorite foods are still on the table. You won’t have to complicate your oral hygiene routine either. Simply remove your aligners to eat, drink, brush and floss. You won’t have to take a hiatus from your favorite crunchy, sticky snacks, or limit your wines or coffees to prevent discoloration from brackets.

How do I know if Invisalign is right for me?

If you’ve always dreamed of having a stunning smile, Invisalign can help you live your greatest quality of life.


If any of these conditions sound familiar, we want to see you in our office for a complimentary consultation!


  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Bite misalignments (overbites, underbites, open bites, cross bites) 
  • Lack of confidence when smiling
  • Jaw pain or soreness
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Facial imbalances

What is the cost of Invisalign for adults?

We want you to experience your best smile! On your first visit, we’ll create a custom financing plan that makes the cost of Invisalign affordable. 


We’ll calculate your insurance coverage (if you have insurance), help you receive the maximum benefit from your insurance plan, and match you with any discount opportunities.

Experience a stunning new smile

And enjoy the journey along the way.