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Invisalign® First

for kids

Invisalign First for Kids

Invisalign is for little smiles too!

Dr. Buttram is a certified Platinum Invisalign Provider who uses Invisalign First to treat or prevent orthodontic problems, and set your little one up for a lifetime of confidence. 

Why Invisalign First?

Dr. Buttram offers Invisalign First, because growing mouths require gentle (yet effective) care. Invisalign First is easy to maintain, comfortable to wear, and accommodating to little patients’ lifestyles. 


Special Invisalign aligners are custom-made and designed to work efficiently, alongside the natural development of the teeth and jaw bones.


Invisalign treatment can help establish a strong foundation for permanent teeth to grow in a beautiful, healthy alignment. These aligners are uniquely designed to hold space for permanent teeth to grow, in order to maintain sufficient room in the mouth to prevent teeth from crowding or overlapping.


Children can remove their aligners when they eat, brush their teeth, and floss their teeth. This means no food is off limits, and they won’t have to alter their oral hygiene routine to adjust to their treatment. 


Invisalign First can support young patients as they develop strong oral hygiene habits that benefit their smile for a lifetime. 

With Invisalign First, we can…

  • Prevent bite misalignments from worsening
  • Establish a harmonious facial appearance
  • Treat conditions caused by tongue-thrusting or thumb-sucking
  • Treat and prevent crooked teeth, crowded teeth, spaced teeth
  • Treat tooth protrusions
  • Align the jaw bones to treat overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, or midline misalignment
  • Widen the jaw bones to create room for permanent teeth to grow

What is the cost of Invisalign for kids?

We want every child to grow up smiling confidently! On your first visit, we’ll create a custom financing plan that makes the cost of Invisalign affordable. 


We’ll calculate your insurance coverage (if you have insurance), help you receive the maximum benefit from your insurance plan, and match you with any discount opportunities.

Experience a stunning new smile

And enjoy the journey along the way.