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At Buttram Orthodontics, we're pleased to offer a diverse array of orthodontic solutions, from classic metal braces to clear braces. If you're on a quest for a trustworthy team to guide you to a dazzling, straight smile in and around Panama City, look no further. We're committed to crafting stunning smiles for individuals of all ages in Panama City and neighboring areas.

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Before fitting your braces, Dr. J. Randal Buttram utilizes digital X-rays, photographs, and dental molds to create a personalized treatment plan, dictating the strategic positioning of your brackets. A custom wire is then inserted to exert precise pressure for tooth movement, a process known as remodeling. This technique involves minor bone changes around the tooth roots, achieved through the interplay of specialized cells and wire tension, which gradually guide your teeth into their ideal positions. To sustain these improvements, it's essential to wear a retainer post-treatment, as teeth naturally tend to revert to their original alignment over time.

Panama City FL Orthodontist

Types of Braces Buttram Orthodontics offers

Modern braces are a game changer! They're versatile enough to tackle a wide range of orthodontic issues, from the straightforward to the intricate. Traditional metal braces are not only enduring and strong, but they also tend to realign teeth and close gaps more quickly than other methods. This can reduce the total duration of your treatment and serve as a budget-friendly option. With traditional braces, you're choosing a tried-and-true solution that continues to lead the way in orthodontic care year after year.



Panama City FL Orthodontist
Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces remain the most widely used system for straightening teeth and for good reason. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, these braces effectively straighten your teeth using an intricate combination of metal brackets and archwires. Not only are today's metal braces more comfortable, they also offer a dash of fun. You can customize your treatment with colored elastics, adding a burst of personality to your smile. If you're looking for a subtler aesthetic, we provide clear or tooth-colored elastics as well.

Panama City FL Orthodontist
Clear Braces

Clear braces offer an equally effective but more discreet alternative to traditional metal braces, making them a popular choice among our older teens and adult patients. Made of transparent ceramic material, these brackets usually find their place on upper front teeth. Due to the brittleness and larger size of ceramic brackets, they're generally not recommended for our younger clientele. An added perk of traditional braces, whether metal or clear, is the quick and visible improvement they offer, which not only enhances your smile but also boosts your confidence in the entire orthodontic process.

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Choosing braces treatment at our practice means benefiting from a tailored plan that Dr. Buttram crafts to fit effortlessly into your lifestyle. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques and the latest technology, Buttram Orthodontics delivers efficient, comfortable care designed to transform both your smile and your life. Under the expert guidance of Dr. J. Randal Buttram, our skilled team prioritizes a personalized approach to ensure optimal results and an enriching orthodontic journey for each individual patient—regardless of age, unique concerns, or specific clinical needs. Don’t wait to start your transformation; schedule a free consultation with us today.